The environments surrounding airports is heavily polluted with particulate and gaseous contaminants. Camfil offers an entire range of filtration products to satisfy all demands from airports. These products eliminate the nuisance of external pollutants and provide clean and comfortable breathing air for the travelling public and airport staff for human comfort and health.
Air travel demand is forever increasing and airplanes,push-back trucks, passenger buses, staff buses, baggage wagons, cleaning team vehicles and catering trucks will further challenge the air filtration systems. Most of these vehicles are powered by diesel engines and operate in very close proximity to gates and other passenger holding areas. As a consequence, they are the likely source of most pollution inside terminals and other airport buildings.
Camfil offers products that satisfy all of the demands at airports to control both particulate and molecular pollutants. Particulate and molecular filtration may be applied in either the fresh air intakes or recirculation air systems. Solutions for make-up air are preferred since the principal sources of pollutants are external. These tend to be more heavy duty and reflect the high pollutant concentrations and one-pass operation. Solutions for recirculation applications reflect lower ambient concentrations and multi-pass operation.